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Phantom in Phoenix: A Digital Story Told by DJNF Interns

(Photo credit: Kaard Bombe)

With Broadway's Phantom of the Opera in Phoenix for the summer, Mike Wong of Arizona State University's Cronkite School saw the perfect backdrop for 14 Dow Jones News Fund digital interns to showcase their skills in May.

The result, a website featuring high resolution photos, podcasts and video, produced and with powerful, professional equipment and cutting-edge digital software.

The Fund's digital media program trains students in video and audio editing, reporting, data mapping, podcasting, web design and more.

"The thing I'm most excited to use this summer will be the ability to record and edit my own audio. To be able to lay it out and track it, and things like that, will be very helpful for the organization I work with, and it will be a useful skill for me,” said William True, from Carnegie Mellon interning at the International Center for Journalists.

"I had no idea how to edit audio outside of my phone, so using DSLR cameras and video cameras was very helpful for me.

ASU student Curtis Spicer said, "This summer I expect to be doing some visual sports production for the Arizona Republic. So I’m hoping to use some of the things I learned this week, particularly audio editing, and video editing, and layering my tracks so that they are pleasing to the eye and to the ear."

The training was also the first time for some students to work on a large team and under tight deadlines.

Madi Alexander, a University of Missouri student at the New York Times said, “The most important thing I learned this week (is) basically work flow and how to work with a big team. We have 14 people working on a story and that's more people than I've worked with on a project before."

Harrison Brink, a Temple University student assigned to Comcast in Philadelphia, said he learned “how to work on a tighter deadline than I'm used to and how to roll with the punches and come back from certain failures."

Other Fund programs – business reporting, news and sports editing – also incorporate how to use social media, data-based research and Search Engine Optimization, in their summer assignments. A total of 93 DJNF interns are working at news media throughout the country. 

High School Media Advisers Invited to Apply for Honors

Are you advising the school newspaper, yearbook staff, or other media at your high school? Do you teach students how to produce digital content, create compelling stories, use social media, or practice journalism?

If so, apply, or, encourage a friend to apply for the 2015 Dow Jones News Fund National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year Award, co-sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

The Teacher of the Year Awards program showcases innovation in scholastic journalism and celebrates those teachers who inspire students to go above and beyond to accomplish the extraordinary.

We are looking for the best in scholastic journalism. Teachers who are adapting their lesson plans to include the latest digital tools and techniques for storytelling; and high school media advisers who are mentoring students to create award-winning publications.

If you have taught or advised high school media for at least three years and plan to continue in the 2015-2016 school year, we encourage you to APPLY NOW

2014 Dow Jones News Fund Teacher of the Year Scholarship Winners Announced

The Dow Jones News Fund will award $3,000 in scholarships to five graduating high school seniors who will pursue journalism in college.

The scholarship recipients were selected by the 2014 National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year and four Distinguished Advisers through writing contests organized by the teachers at their high schools in April and May.

The top scholarship recipient is Ronnie Dayvault, Jr. of Prince George (Va.) High School, where Chris Waugaman, 2014 Teacher of the Year, teaches and advises the award-winning Royal News and Dayvault will receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend John Tyler Community College, Chester, Va.  Read more.

2014 Dow Jones News Fund Teacher of the Year offers advice at CSPA

The Dow Jones News Fund's 2014 National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year Chris Waugaman joined Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Executive Director Ed Sullivan for a one on one conversation at the CSPA Spring Convention in New York City March 19, 2015.

At the CSPA Advisers Luncheon, Mr. Waugaman shared with his fellow journalism teachers and media advisers what he learned over the course of his 17 year career. When asked what he would have done differently, Mr. Waugaman offered these tips: establish alumni relations; take advantage of free resources when offered; actively seek out collaborations with other departments and staff.

Mr. Waugaman is a journalism teacher and media adviser at Prince George (Va.) High School. He advises the award-winning Royal News and the website.

Each year the Dow Jones News Fund honors a Teacher of the Year and recognizes distinguished advisers. The winning Teacher of the Year addresses journalism educators and media professionals at JEA/NSPA Fall National High School Convention and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, receives a laptop computer, complimentary access to 12 Poynter Institute webinars, a digital subscription to The Wall Street Journal, and a $1,000 scholarship for a senior student.

Are you advising the school newspaper, yearbook staff, or other school media? Do you teach your students how to produce digital content, create compelling stories, use social media, or practice journalism?

If so, you might have what it takes to be the Teacher of the Year! Consider applying for the Dow Jones News Fund’s National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year. We are accepting nominations until July 9, 2015. APPLY HERE.

For more information about the Teacher of the Year Program, CLICK HERE.

Study: Digital Internships Influenced Hundreds

For nearly 20 years, the Dow Jones News Fund has influenced the journalism careers of hundreds of journalists through its digital workshops. In an effort to enhance the program, Dow Jones surveyed DJNF Digital Workshop alumni to explore the most important skills the alumni learned and built upon during their training, where they landed after the internship, and more. Visit the website for infographics, video.

The study was conducted by a team led by Dr. Pam Johnson of Western Kentucky University who ran a digital internship program for the Fund from 2007 through 2013. She also directs a DJNF-sponsored digital program for professors from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The program offered in July taught instructors how to create news apps.
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