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College Internships

For College Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students
2014 Editing Interns at Penn State University

2014 interns at Penn State with Professor John Dillon

DJNF provides paid summer internships in digital media, business reporting, news and sports editing for juniors, seniors and graduate students. 
The deadline for summer 2015 internships has passed. Students who are enrolled full time in fall 2015 should plan to apply for summer 2016 internships.  

For News Media Requesting Interns
Enrollment is open now for news organizations to request interns for 2015. Use this link - Intern Request Form.  
Returning users can login. New users must select "Create a new login?" to register for a password in order to complete the form. Choose Hiring News Professional as the User Role. Contact Linda Shockley at or (609) 452-2820. 
Media pay the Fund $1,200 per intern for digital, news and sports editing and business reporting programs to help offset pre-internship training costs and some intern travel.  
Read endorsements from interns and their supervisors here.

Program Descriptions
For Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students 

Each program provides free pre-internship seminars and weekly salaries for at least 10 weeks. Click this link to download an internship brochure. Students are assigned to media based on academic performance, DJNF scores and news outlet requests. Interns who return to college full-time receive $1,000 scholarships. 
In the Digital Program, The Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University in Phoenix trained

Digital alumni see future need for three critical skills. Learn more here.

digital interns working for an assortment of media companies. The 2014 class produced a multimedia project on street art. Experience it:

Students selected to work at newspapers, websites and other media  in the News Editing Program, attended the Centers for Editing Excellence at Temple University, the University of Missouri, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Texas.
Sports Editing Program interns work on sports desks and are trained at the University of Nebraska. Click the link to see comments by 2014 interns who worked for a variety of media.
Business Reporting Program interns work for various media and attend a one-week seminar at New York University before reporting to their jobs. The Society of Business Editors and Writers featured posts by business reporters about aspects of their training. Click an article on Whitney Boyd Richardson by Morgan Searles and one on broadcast business news by Victor Ocasio.

Study for DJNF's Editing and Business Reporting Exams
Old tests and answer keysApplicants take a one-hour copy editing and digital exam or business reporting exam which was mailed to professors on their campuses who act as monitors. Click Review the Monitors List here or the link above to see who is giving exams. Students can study past versions of the digital and editing exam at, a website for copy editing professors, students and professional copy editors. Click this link for the 2012 Business Reporting Exam and Key.

DJNF Internship Essentials
is a blog about DJNF internships and alumni. Click the photo to read about Alexandra Petri's world travels. She was an intern in 2008 at the New Bedford (Mass.) Standard-Times.

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