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Students are required to complete a one-hour test to be considered for internships. The interactive news editing and business reporting internship applicants take different versions of the test from the applicants for the digital media and data journalism internships. Students applying to all programs must take all three versions. Tests are sent to professors in early fall and testing continues up to the application deadline Nov. 1.

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Students: Do not contact DJNF if your college already has a monitor. Contact your campus monitor directly to arrange to take a test. If your college is not already a designated test site, do not ask a monitor from another school to administer your test. Instead, recruit a professor or media adviser at your school to be your monitor. A media professional can also give the exercise.
(Students cannot be monitors.)  Those studying abroad should recruit a professor at the university they are attending being sure to include the country and international phone numbers. Send email with "data journalism and digital media test" "business reporting test" or "interactive news editing test" in the subject line to, with the name, address, university, department, city, state, zip code, email address and office and home phone numbers of the professor who has agreed to be your monitor. Also, include your full name, mailing address, school, telephone number and email address. The exam will be emailed to the monitor for you. 

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